Table of Contents

True Crime Online
Shocking Stories of Scamming, Stalking, Murder, and Mayhem

Foreword by Denise Brown


Chapter 1: What Amy Boyer Didn’t Know Killed Her

Chapter 2: Deadly Love Triangle

Chapter 3: Don’t Preach to Me

Chapter 4: When Online Dating Victims Fight Back

Chapter 5: Just Trying to Help a Friend

Chapter 6: Stalking Ghosts

Chapter 7: How to Catch 700 Online Sexual Predators

Chapter 8: Guess Who’s for Dinner?

Chapter 9: The First Internet Serial Killer

Chapter 10: Swedish Phishing

Chapter 11: Virtually Bullied to Death

Chapter 12: YouTube as Witness

Chapter 13: They’ll Be Watching You … Online

Chapter 14: The Killer Inside

Chapter 15: When Revenge and Hatred Are Fueled Online

Chapter 16: Craigslist Killers

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